Transfer of domains

Information on the transfer of a domain or recorder change

We were glad of which you are valuing to transfer your domain with us. Although the transfer of a domain is a quite simple process, exist a series of requistos that must be fulfilled so that it can be realised successfully.

Basic requirements for a transfer

Some factors exist that can delay or prevent the transfer of a domain. If finally you decide to trust to us the management of your domain we will advise to you step by step so that it is simplest possible for you.

  • The domain must have an antiquity of 60 days. If the domain has been registered recently cannot be transferred, it would be necessary to hope.
  • The domain must be unblocked. The blockade of the domain usually is activated by security. It is necessary to unblock the domain to transfer it.
  • To provide the authorization code (auth-code). For many types of domains the transfer request is necessary to provide an authorization code when initiating. The authorization code must provide it the present supplier, by direct request or through panel of management of the domain.
  • Email of the valid administrative contact. For many domains it is necessary that the direction of email of the administrative contact of the domain is valid to receive the email of transfer confirmation and to accept it.

Gratuitous report

Would You like to know as they are the steps that you must follow to initiate the transfer of your domain? The following form asks for a gratuitous report of transfer viability completing.