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ClamAV anti-virus

ClamAV anti-virus

The ClamAV anti-virus analyzes the e-mail periodically in looks for Trojans, virus, malware and other malicious threats. Also you can accede to ClamAV through Control Panel of your domain to realise customized analyses in real time and to decide what to do with the found threats.

Hotlink protection

By means of this utility you can protect your archives so that they are not used by other websites without your permission, when for example, a photography pertaining to your Web is tried to show in another webpage consuming the resources of your plan of lodging.

If active the protection and a website nonformed as allowed direction URL tries to make use of your archives, you will be able to prevent it and redirigirlo if you wish it towards another URL. Also you can allow direct requests, that is to say, that when acceding with the URL of an image in the navigator, this loading correctly.

Directories protected by password

The protection by password allows you to ask for a name of user and password to accede to a directory within your website. You can protect all the directories who you need and to manage the users who have access.

Administrator of negation of IP

This characteristic allows you to block a rank of directions IP to come up that they accede to your site. The reason by which you can need to block a direction IP is to increase the security in case malicious actions have been detected from one or several directions IP.

Protection of bleeding

The protection of bleeding allows you to avoid that your users present publicly their passwords from access restricted areas of your site. This characteristic will redirigir¡ the accounts that are seen it jeopardize to a URL of your election (and to suspend them, if therefore you wish it).



GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) is a tool of coding and digital companies. GPG bases the messages of mail and public and key archives using key private (even of keys).

SSH access

Access SSH (Secure Shell, in Spanish: safe command interpreter) by means of public key.