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Data bases MySQL

MySQL 5,5 with motors InnoDB and MyISAM, MySQLi (improved MySQL extension), PDO and PDO MySQL. Software MySQL

®it provides a basic servant of very fast data usuary and robust SQL, multi-threaded, multi. The MySQL servant is designed for production surroundings critics, with high service load as well as to integrate itself in software to be distributed. MySQL is a trademark of MySQL AB.

Remote access MySQL

The remote access allows you to connect to the database server MySQL from your IP to carry out tasks management and administration of the backup copy and data bases, to realise overturned. The remote access does not allow the connection you to the database server MySQL in order to manage, to distribute or to store to information from servers or websites other people's to the network of Carat-Hosting.

Panel phpMyAdmin


phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP to administer data bases MySQL through a navigating Web.

At the moment it can create and eliminate Data bases, create, eliminate and alter tables, to erase, to publish and to add field, to execute any sentence SQL, to administer keys in fields, to administer privileges, to export data in several formats and is available in 62 languages. Version 2 is available under license lpg.

Php 7

PHP (acronym of €œPreprocessor Hypertext€) is a language of €œinterpreted open code€, of high level, absorbed in pages HTML and executed in the servant. PHP can make any thing that can be done with script cgi, as processing the information of forms, generating pages with dynamic contents, or to send and to receive cookies. And this is not everything, php can do much more. The best thing to use PHP is that it is extremely simple for the nascent one, but as well, offers many characteristic outposts for the professional programmers. But information in Php.net

Perl 5.10

Perl (acronym of €œPractical Extraction and Report Language€) is a powerful language that allows to write applications as cgi of a easy and effective way. He is ideal to process a great amount of text or binary data that must be analyzed and be reduced to reports. It is ideal as language to make systems cross-platform of general intention and can design for Unix happening to Win32 or other operating systems without majors changes or commitments of design. To solve a problem in Perl can incredibly be but easy that in any other language. More information in Perl.org

Edition of the file .htaccess

The file htaccess can contain directives that tell him to the servant how to behave in certain situations and affects directly to the operation of your website.