Plans of lodging Web

Frequent questions

What is the lodging Web?

The lodging Web (in English Web hosting) is the service that provides the users with Internet of a system to be able to store information, images, video, or any accessible content via Web. It is an analogy of €œlodging or lodging in hotels€ where one occupies a specific place. In this case the analogy lodging Web or lodging of webpages, talks about to the place that occupies a webpage, website, e-mail, archives etc. in Internet or more specifically in a servant.

How I can know that plan agrees to me?

The description of the different plans indicates that goes destined each of them. If even so you have doubts it contacts please with us so that we can offer to you information that you need.

What happens if my Web grows and I need more benefits?

If by the characteristics of his site or due to an unexpected increase you need a plan lodging Web superior to the contracted one, congratulations! it contacts with us to ask for an extension. You will only have to pay to the difference between the amount of the new service and the previous one, for the months that you have left to enjoy contract; in no case you lose your money.

For which Aemilius and not another supplier?

Because we are people who work for people. We work elbow with elbow with our clients, we implied ourselves in its problems and we tried to even solve them as if they were ours, in areas that are not of our competition.

The competition offers more to me gigas of space€¦

And we challenged to you to that you use it If you really need more capacity for the store online your business, personal page or for the professional project of your company we can offer a budget to you. But what really you need is storage for your archives in the cloud, we recommended Dropbox to you.

The competition offers economic plans to me€¦

It is not between our possibilities of comparing to us in price with other companies that are very far from offering the customized attention that characterizes to us.

What is the return guarantee?

If for some reason completely you are not satisfied with the service that we offer to you, you can ask for the cancellation of the service during the first month and we will give back your money to you. The positions conducted for registry of domains do not have return.

I can register my domain with another supplier and have the lodging Web in Aemilius?

By all means that if, and the inverse one, you can register the domain with us and lodge it with another supplier what is the problem?

Which are your servers of names?

Servant IP

I have more questions€¦

Please, it contacts with us so that we can offer the information to you who you need.