Why to contract the service of Exchange Mail?

Exchange mail is the service of ideal e-mail for companies and organizations who look for a definitive solution of great capacity for the management of their mail (50GB by account) by only 4.95 Euros the month by user. It has native compatibility with Microsoft Outlook as much to Windows as to Mac OS X. The users can synchronize their mailboxes of mail with devices iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Windows Phone (by means of the protocol ActiveSync Microsoft Exchange). Also is available a client Web with an ample range of characteristics so that the users accede to their e-mail, calendar and contacts.

I have contracted to a lodging plan Web in Aemilius I can combine it with the service of Exchange Mail?

By all means that if and it seems to us the perfect combination to have a service of lodging Web of characteristic outposts to your website and a service of exceptional mail: 50G of space by account, compatibility with Outlook, client Web, service of calendar, agenda of contacts, protection before Spam and virus, automated rules of mail and answers.

I can contract the service of Exchange Mail if I have my page lodged with another supplier?

By all means that if, we will help you to form the registries MX of your domain so that the mail is delegate in the service of Exchange Mail without it affects to the service of lodging of your page, independent of the supplier that you choose to do it.

I have more questions€¦

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