Registry of domains

Frequent questions on domains

What is a domain?

One is a unique name in Internet that identifies a website. It is divided in two parts, for example the domain €œ€ is compound of a top-level domain or TLD (of the English top-level domain), in this case €œ.net€, and a domain of second level or SLD (of English second-level domain) located to the immediate left of the point and the extension of the domain name, in this case €œaemilius€. Your you define the SLD when registering a domain. The main intention of the names of domain in Internet is to translate directions IP in terms easy to find.

What type of domain to choose?

Although he is not determining, the extension of the domain usually defines the content of a website and its public. The domain .es is ideal for any website in Spanish with a clear geographic direction in Spain, as .eu is it for Europe. The domains .com and .net gonzan of great popularity and are valid for any website. The .org domain is indicated for organizations. But the name that you wish to register is not available, any extension of domain is valid.

I have predicted to register several domains I can benefit from some discount special?

We offer discounts of until a 20% on the basis of the number of domains that you wish to register. You do not doubt in to contact with us so that we can offer a customized budget to you.

If registry a domain I need a plan lodging Web?

Not necessarily. You can register a domain and make use of the service of redirection of gratuitous email to receive the messages in another direction that already you have. Also you can contract to a Plan Mail by only 2.75 the month and have 5 email addresses with all the options outposts of management of mail of a plan superior (anti-virus, antispan, imap, webmail, filters, redirection, etc) until you need a plan lodging Web to publish your page.

I have more questions€¦

Please, it contacts with us so that we can offer the information to you that you need.