Pon a shark in your life and your company

To the Japaneses always they have liked the fresh fish, but in the last decades the waters near Japan have not been very rich in fish. So to feed the Japanese population fishing boats greater made than they could go more far, out to sea. But those boats needed time to return and the fish lost its freshness. You know how solved the problem?


In order to solve the problem, the companies installed deep freezes in the fishing boats. Nevertheless the Japaneses could perceive the difference between the frozen fish and the fresh air; the frozen fish did not like and had to be sold more cheap.

In order to solve it, water tanks installed in the boats some in which to transport the alive fish until arriving at the port, but the Japanese consumers also noticed the difference, because the fish stopped moving, were lost their freshness.

How they solved the problem?

Introducing a small shark next to the fish. The shark ate some fish, but the challenge to remain alive forced to them to continue fighting by its survival within the tank.

Pon a shark in your life and your company!

In our society, in the companies, the shark represents the adversity, but also a great opportunity of growth and overcoming.