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Description of the use of cookies in Carat-Hosting

In Carat-Hosting we used cookies (information archives that keeps in the computer from that accedes to the page) in the essential measurement for the correct operation and visualization of the website on the part of the user. In order to know more information on the cookies, we invited to you to accede to the following connection: Wikipedia.

Cookies Information
Functional/Personalisation cookies Preferences of privacy accepted by the user. It stores an Array with 4 values to remember the consent of the user to use essential, technical cookies, of analysis and personalisation. Expired after 1 years.
Home of session PHPSESSID Identification of session of user, expired when closing the navigator.

In order to allow, to know, to block or to eliminate the cookies installed in your equipment we facilitated the following connections to you to the most popular navigators: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer and Opera.