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It easily installs applications for management of contents, electronic commerce, businesses, administration of images, archives Web and software for communities. More information on Installatron.

Pages of error

You can personalize 400 errors 401, syntax error without authorization, 403 prohibited, 404 document nonfound and 500 internal error.

Publisher of DNS

Advanced publisher of zone DNS to add, to publish and to eliminate DNS registries type, CNAME and TXT of all the domains formed in your plan of lodging Web.

Redirection Web

The redirection manager Web allows you to redirect direction URL of a page towards another direction of your own domain or another domain. The redirection can be temporary or permanent.

Cron tasks

The tasks of cron allow you to automate tasks in your plan of lodging. You can specify that a commando or script executes themselves every day to one hour, or every week. For example, you can form a task of cron to eliminate temporary files every week to release space in the disc.