Legal warnings

Policy of privacy and protection of personal character data

Existence of digital file of data

Information to the user of the existence of digital file of data of private ownership and the request of the consent for the automated treatment of its personal data.

In relation to the personal character data facilitated by the USER in the form of registry in, AEMILIUS strictly fulfills the effective norm established in Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Character data and other legislation that develops it and informs to the CONTRACTOR who the referred data will be including within a file for their automated treatment giving the CONTRACTING consent by means of the acceptance of these general conditions to this treatment.

Purpose of the data

AEMILIUS picks up certain personal data that are introduced by the CONTRACTOR freely in a form in order to be able to contract the different services as well as to answer and to identify requests realised by the CONTRACTOR. AEMILIUS informs that it will automatizadamente manage automatizadamente these data for the administration, extension and improvement of his services as well as for technical and commercial aims on offered products and services.

Obligatory nature of the introduction of the data

In order to accede to the website of AEMILIUS it is not necessary to contribute any data. Nevertheless, to realise information requests or to realise the request of a concrete service yes it is necessary that the usuary contribution data in the existing forms in the website for the purposes previously described. The obligatory or facultative character of the answers to the questions of the form comes indicated with a symbol (*). Of being covered the consequence it does not consist of the impossibility to serve that is tried to contract or the impossibility to send the information request.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The CONTRACTOR who introduces his personal data in the forms of discharge or hiring will have right plenary session to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time asking for it through our form of contact. In any case, AEMILIUS is committed to cancel the successfully obtained personal data when they have stopped being necessary or pertinent for the purposes by which they were gathered.

Person in charge of the treatment

The person in charge of the treatment of the data is ESPINAQUER Internet, SL, with head office in Main Avenue 30/1, ED. Argus 2ºN, Industrial estate the West - San Gin©s 30169 Murcia (Spain). AEMILIUS has registered properly their files in the Agency of Protection of Data, with inscription codes numbers 2051950962, 2051950963 and 2051950964 being able to consult the same in the Agency of Protection of Data. AEMILIUS is not in any case responsible for the data that can lodge the user in the different services that are offered since AEMILIUS neither picks up these data nor deals with them assuming the CONTRACTOR the responsibility the same.

Cession of data

Any cession of data to third parties does not exist. AEMILIUS only uses the data for the purposes described in the Terms and General Conditions of Hiring and do not yield data to no other company. AEMILIUS informs to the CONTRACTOR who by means of the adhesion to the present general conditions gives his consent to the necessary communication and essential into their data to manage the services that it has contracted, communication ligature with the same purpose by which the data were introduced and, therefore, related to the free one and legitimate acceptance of the legal relation between the CONTRACTOR and AEMILIUS, whose development, fulfillment and control imply the necessary communication of these data.


AEMILIUS assures the absolute confidentiality and privacy of the picked up personal data and for that reason safety measures have been adopted in order to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, and to thus guarantee their integrity and security. Nevertheless AEMILIUS will not be responsible for the incidences that can arise around personal data when these are derived: either of an attack or nonauthorized access to the systems of such form that is impossible to detect it or to still prevent being adopted it the measures according to the state of the present technology, or of a lack of diligence of the USER or CONTRACTOR as far as the guard and it guards of his personal keys and data. AEMILIUS owns as additional guarantee a certificate of security SSL, offered by IPS Certification Authority, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY to guarantee the personal data transmission under a safe area.

Use of cookies

AEMILIUS uses cookies to obtain data and to realise statistic analyses on the use of the website and to allow the operation of some services. The cookies that AEMILIUS uses are anonymous and they do not talk about to the personal data of the CONTRACTOR nor is possible to be acceded by means of the same in any case to the data that the CONTRACTOR can have in his hard disk. The identity of the CONTRACTOR never is inserted directly in the cookie and therefore he is not interceptable. The only nonanonymous cookies, that is to say, that allows the identification, can only be assigned previous authorization of the CONTRACTOR when it wishes to have immediate identification to accede to restricted areas of the website without the CONTRACTOR inserts his keys manually. In any case, if the CONTRATATNE wishes that those cookies do not settle has the possibility of forming their navigator to prevent it without no alteration or modification in the use of the AEMILIUS website takes place.

Veracity of the data

The CONTRACTOR is responsible for the veracity of his data, committing himself not to introduce false data and to coming to the rectification from the same if outside necessary. AEMILIUS puts at the disposal of the CONTRACTOR all the means so that it can come to the modification of his data. It is allowed to realise this modification from the private and safe unique area that it has the CONTRACTOR in and to which accedes by means of the keys obtained with the user registry; for that reason the CONTRACTOR must be especially diligent in the guard and guards of these keys. The CONTRACTOR shows that when does not introduce its personal data but those of a third party are in favor authorized of this one for their introduction.

AEMILIUS reserves the right to prevent the access to to any USER or CONTRACTOR who has facilitated false data and reserves the right definitively to suspend the service of the CONTRACTOR if of serious form he fails to fulfill it present conditions, being able to do it without previous warning in those cases that, according to AEMILIUS, the breach special magazine gravity.