Chrome will mark as uncertain the websites that do not use a certificate SSL

Google the past announced month of September that his Google Chrome navigator version 56 will begin to indicate what pages are safe and which not following the information that are being transmitted (for example a password) and if direction URL it has a certificate of security SSL that allows to accede through safe port.

Author: Emilio CS
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New features in Google Chrome as of January of 2017

As of January of the 2017 new the Google Chrome 56 will begin to indicate those pages that are safe and those that are not it. Until now, the webpages that have a certificate SSL show in the direction bar green padlock and those that no, show icon with letter €œi€ from that more information can be obtained.

From this Google Chrome update it will indicate Https is safe when doing use of a certificate, the information is transmitted by safe port and He is not safe when the webpage lacks a certificate of security SSL.

In later versions it is predicted that all the pages to which is acceded by HTTP instead of https are considered nonsafe and that the alert He is not safe he is much more visible.

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