Web Hosting

Anti-virus, antiSpam, webmail and other options outposts of the management of the mail of the lodging plans Web

Mail MGP/Imap

It allows you to create directions of your domain as info@tunombrededominio.com and to manage his messages through the protocols Pop and Imap. Imap is more effective to manage a same direction from different devices.

SpamAssassin apache

SpamAssassin apache analyzes and classifies the e-mail with a score based on in question probability of mail trash, result of the analysis of the characteristics and contents of each message. Your you decide the score from which a message must be classified as Spam or even to be eliminated, that simple and effective.


ClamAV anti-virus

The ClamAV anti-virus analyzes the e-mail periodically in looks for Trojans, virus, malware and other malicious threats. Also you can accede to ClamAV through Control Panel of your domain to realise customized analyses in real time and to decide what to do with the found threats.


BoxTrapper is a utility that provides mail an additional filtrate layer trash by means of a verification system. When an e-mail is sent to an account that it has activated BoxTrapper, this it sends an e-mail as answer so that the sender can verify before the message is given. The objective is to block the senders of messages that do not respond to the e-mail of verification or which they do not press the verification connection.


The service of webmail allows to accede to the mail from a navigating Web. The RoundCube application offers functionalities outposts as the view of conversations chained, composition HTML, to drag & to drop messages, finder, address book, identities and companies.

Each email address has a panel of management with options to change the password, to manage I resend of mail, the filters, the auto answers and Boxtrapper (if she is activated). Also she includes help to form the direction in a client of habitual mail (MacOS Mail, Live Mail Windows, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, KDE Kmail€¦) and to accede to information of mail delivery.

File of mail

It allows you indefinitely to keep a copy from all the messages sent and received (to your election) during a determined period of time (months or years) or. The mail file can be consulted through a Imap connection.

Redirection of mail

As its own name indicates, the mail redirection allows that the messages destined to a direction, are also given in another direction of your domain or any other domain. The mail redirections have many applications, as creating temporary directions of email or sending copies of messages to other directions.

Auto answer

It allows to respond with a message of automatic form when an email address receives a message. The autorrespuesta allows among others to form options, the date of home and aim of the answer and the time interval that must trasncurrir so that a same sender does not receive the same answer if she sends several messages.

Filter of mail

It allows to classify and to determine what to do with a message on the basis of one or several of his characteristics (sending, adressee, subject, message, score of SpamAssassin€¦). The mail filters have many applications, mainly allow to automate the classification of mail and that, in the era of the e-mail can save many working hours to you after a year.


Verification DKIM and protection against the falsification of directions SPF.