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Statistics Web AWStats, Logaholic and registries of access

AWStats statistics

AWStats is one of the analyzers of archives log for statistics Web more popular outposts of the world. It includes numerous intuitive graphs that will help to easily understand the traffic you that generates your website. More information on AWStats.

Logaholic statistics

Logaholic emphasizes by the versatility and personalisation of its statistical reports in real time. Whereas other statistical applications as Awstats offers complete information, Logaholic allows to work with the information and to compare the evolution of the visits in the time to visualize with attractive graphs, which is suciendiendo with the traffic of your domain.

Last visits

Immediate access to all the information related to the last users who have visited your Web: date, direction URL of origin of the visit, IP, asked for, so large, visited page and navigating document.

Control of transference

It allows to know through what service (HTTP, imap, MGP, smtp or FTP) is had consumes the traffic of your plan of lodging.

Registry of errors

List the 300 last errors produced in your website. Very useful to find broken connections, archives nonenontrados or scripts that does not work correctly.

Registry of access

You can unload a compressed version of the registries from access to your website.