Capture of AWStats

Complete information

AWStats generates complete information on your website offering very valuable information on the visits. He is available in 6 languages between which is the Spanish.

Number of visits

It can enter the total number of different visits, visitors, hits and served pages, and generates graphs on historical the monthly one, days of the month, days of the week and visits per hours.

Visits of robots

The robots are automatic visitors whom they analyze or they travel by his site to index it, or to hierarchize it, to compile information or to verify if its site is online; AWStats recognizes more than 300 robots and indicates the date of its last visit and the indexed volume of information.


He recognizes more than 90 navigators.

Operating systems

It recognizes up to 35 different operating systems.

Origin of the visits

It can recognize if a visit has been generated through a search in a directory or finder, as well as the used key words and phrases.

Duration of the visits

It indicates in absolute and percentage terms, the duration of the visits.

Pages nonfound

It offers a listing of the pages and documents that have not been found during a visit. A special report practitioner to purify the errors of a website.

AWStats also offers information on the users identified, the pages of entrance and exit, resolutions of screen, connections from finders and connections from other pages between many other characteristics. You can see a demonstration of AWstats.