To send and to receive mail of your domain with Gmail

For many Gmail users it is a great option at the time of managing his mail, also to centralize the mail of several accounts. We explained to you how to form Gmail so that you can send and receive messages of mail of directions of your domain.

Author: Emilio C.S.
Published the (updated )

  1. He accedes to your Gmail and you click in the icon of the gear (in the right corner superior) and selects Configuration.
  2. He opens to the eyelash Accounts and import (in the case of the domains of Google Apps, he opens to the eyelash Accounts).
  3. In the section To verify the mail of other accounts (by means of POP3), you click in Adding an account of mail POP3.
  4. It introduces the complete email address of your email address, for example and next, you click in following Step.
  5. It introduces the data of connection of the mail account:

    Email address:
    Name of user:
    Password: **********
    Servers MGP:
    Port: 110

    Your you decide how you want that Gmail when consulting behaves your mail, our recommendation is that selections Not to let a copy of the message recovered in the servant to avoid that your account conserves the messages permanently, which would bring about an excessive consumption of space in your plan of lodging.

  6. Beam click in Adding account.
  7. Next Gmail will ask to you if you wish to be able to send mail messages from your direction, if it is your case, selects Yes, desire to be able to send messages as and you click in following Step.
  8. It introduces your name and you click in Following step.
  9. Next you can form the way in which you wish that Gmail sends your messages, using the servant of exit of Gmail or using your own servant smtp. If you have selected to send through your smtp introduces the connection data:

    Servant smtp:
    Port: 587
    Name of user:
    Password: **********

  10. It leaves noticeable to the option safe Connection by means of TLS and you click in Adding account.

    If the account has been formed correctly you will receive a code in your email address that you will have to introduce to verify that the direction is of your property.

  11. It introduces the code and there is click in Verifying. If you want that Gmail uses by defect this direction to send new messages, you do cic in establishing as predetermined in the section To send message as.

You do not forget that before Gmail recoga your mail, this can be filtered and be classified by the present configuration of the mail of the lodging plan your domain.