To duplicate a data base MySQL in cPanel with phpMyAdmin

The following tutorial details how to duplicate to the structure of a data base and all their content to a new data base created previously in cPanel with phpMyAdmin

Author: N©stor M.S.
Published the (updated )

  1. Your domain accedes to the Control Panel of the service of lodging Web, for example
  2. The tutorial creates a data base MySQL following To create a data base MySQL in cPanel.
  3. Next you click in phpMyAdmin of the section Data bases to open to the database administrator phpMyAdmin.
  4. In the field of selection of data bases it selects the data base that you wish to duplicate and in the menu superior it sections Operations.
  5. In the section To copy the data base a: it introduces the name of the data base that you have created, for example tuusuario_tunuevabd.
  6. It leaves selected to the default Structure and data.
  7. It unmarks the options TO CREATE DATA BASE before copying and Adding value AUTO_INCREMENT.
  8. In order to finalize beam click in Continuing.

It verifies that the process has finalized correctly resisting in both data bases the number of tables, number of rows and size of the data base. This information appears in the part inferior of the section Structure of the data base.