Where the women live

Where they live the women are a cinematographic, educative and shared in common project on the rights of the women, developing equality of sort and sort. One is 5 histories of women who formally mix the fiction and the reality to create a social speech and cultural that recognizes the great contribution of the woman the well-being of the family and the development of the society and that contributes to the construction of a better world for all, women and men.

Author: Carat-Hosting
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The towns reach their greater development, their true dimension, when they eliminate all vestige of discrimination, by small and insignificant that could seem; when they do that each woman and each man who conform it are equal.

Where they live the women are a project in which Carat-Hosting collaborates free of charge (next to other organizations) offering the service of lodging Web of dondevivenlasmujeres.com as part of the support program to shared in common projects that work by the change and social justice, trying to break the North-South differences and of sort.

The project also tells on a traveling exhibition that it will cross diverse cities of Spanish geography to show an ample and diverse public a shared in common and educative project on the rights of the women outside the rooms of cinema of a different form, opened and interactive.

The film can see through the www.dondevivenlasmujeres.com webpage