To create a data base MySQL in cPanel

You can create a data base MySQL in only some minutes doing use of the basic assistant of data of the Control Panel cPanel.

Author: N©stor M.S.
Published the (updated )

  1. Your domain accedes to the Control Panel of the service of lodging Web, for example
  2. In the section Data bases you click on basic Assistant of MySQL data.
  3. Step 1: To create the data base. It introduces the name of the new data base, for example minuevabd and you click in following Step. The data base has been added usuario_minuevabd.
  4. Step 2: To create basic users of data. It introduces the name of user, for example patricia. In order to continue it introduces a password of 50 force or superior (in both fields) and you click in Creating user. You have created the patricia user correctly.
  5. Step 3: To add user with data. It selects the appropriate privileges and you click in following Step. The usuario_patricia user to the data base has added itself usuario_minuevabd.

Continuing with the example, to connect to this data base from script lodged in your plan of lodging you will need to use the following data:

Servant: localhost
Data base: usuario_minuevabd
Name of user: usuario_patricia
Password: **************