To add one signs to the messages sent with RoundCube

Roundcube allows to create a customized signature that will appear automatically in the sent messages. Each identity of Roundcube has its own signature.

Author: Emilio C.S.

He accedes to Roundcube

Once identified in Roundcube he sees Configuration (above to the right), selects Identities and next he selects the identity to which you want to assign the signature. If there are customized no your identity, this will appear as your direction of email.


In the edition form of the identity you can personalize some data data as your name, organization, email of answer (if it differs from your direction) and copies hidden (Cco) to send an hidden copy of all the messages that you send to another direction.


It introduces the signature that you wish to associate to your messages. It selects to the option Signature HTML if you wish that your signature has format. You can personalize any aspect of the signature, and with the suitable knowledge, you can publish code HTML to apply advanced styles. Beam click in Keeping to keep your signature.

Example of signature in RoundCube

If you decide to create a Html company, assure to you that your messages are written up in HTML by defect or its format will be lost. In order to verify it sees it Configuration, Preferences, Composition of messages and verifies that in the option To compose message in HTML it always appears. Beam click in Keeping to keep the changes.