To form an email address in Mail

Tutorial of help to form an email address Pop3/Imap4 in Mail of Mac OS X

Author: Carat-Hosting
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From the application Mail of Mac OS X it goes to Mail, Preferences€¦, Accounts and clicks on sign + of the part inferior of the window to add a new direction.

In account information, it selects in Type of Pop account or Imap according to prefers and inserts a description to identify this account of mail; later it introduces the email address, her name or department, the servant of incoming mail, the name of user and the password. In the following image it can see an example of configuration for an email address of Aemilius with the following data:

Window of configuration of mail of Mail

Next it will have to specify the data of the salient servant smtp, in who there will be to indicate the servant name, and again the name of user (the email direction) and the password of the email address who wishes to form. Selection clicks on the field salient Servant (SMTP) and is selected To add servant ..... Continuing with the example, these are the data of salient servant smtp for the email address that we have formed:

Window of configuration of salient servant smtp

In order to finalize OK beats. S.A. to form its account of mail selected in Type of account: MGP, the eliminated messages will be unloaded of the servant and after one week. If it wishes to modify this characteristic, clicks in Advanced from this same window of configuration and selects the option that better adapts to its needs as: to eliminate messages immediately, after a day, a month or to never eliminate them.

This it is the example of configuration of an email address of the domain of Aemilius, you will have to form his account of mail with the data of his domain and the password that has assigned to that direction when to create it from the Control Panel.