To connect to a servant of FTP with Filezilla

FileZilla is a client FTP cross-platform of open code and free software available for the operating systems macOS, Windows and Linux. One characterizes by his simplicity of use and complete options of configuration, is fast and in addition, gratuitous. It supports persistent connections FTP, FTP on SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Author: Emilio CS
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To form a connection of FTP in the Manager of Sites

In order to accede to the Manager of Sites it sees the menu superior File and selects Manager of Sites (or Ctrl + S beats). In the new window you click on the button New site and next it introduces the parameters of the connection of FTP.

Manager of Sites of Filezilla

In order to finalize it sees the eyelash Options of Transference. In Way of transference it selects Liabilities and in maximum number of connections 10.

Options of Transference in Filezilla

If the connection settles down correctly you will receive a message as this:

Solving the direction of
Connecting to 123.456.789.101:21€¦
Established connection, waiting for the welcome message€¦
Initializing TLS€¦
Verifying certificate€¦
TLS connection established.
Logged in
Reclaiming the listing of the directory€¦
Directory listing of €œ/€ successful

Short cuts of the keyboard

Any short cut of the keyboard can be of utility to administer Filezilla more easily to us.

F5 - It refreshes the local and remote archives of the explorers
Ctrl + C - For the action that is being executed
Ctrl + D - To disconnect of the servant
Ctrl + Q - It connects the servant of fast Connection
Ctrl + R - It reconnects with the servant
Ctrl + S - the Administrator of Sites Opens