New malware is propagating through Messenger de Facebook

    After clicking in the connection of Messenger, the user is redirigido to a dynamic page of destiny that shows what it seems to be a reproducible film. When the user clicks in the false reproducible film, the user is redirigido to another site that deceives the user so that it unloads the infected file or it shows publicity to him.

    WordPress 4.7.3: Update of security and maintenance

    WordPress 4.7.3 is already available. This is an update of security for all the previous versions and we warmly animated to you to update your WordPress immediately to avoid vulnerabilities of type cross-site scripting (XSS).

    Chrome will mark as uncertain the websites that do not use a certificate SSL

    Google the past announced month of September that his Google Chrome navigator version 56 will begin to indicate what pages are safe and which not following the information that are being transmitted (for example a password) and if direction URL it has a certificate of security SSL that allows to accede through safe port.

    ICANN modifies the policy of change of ownership of generic domains and ngTLD

    Between his main new features, it emphasizes the necessity to count on the express acceptance of the holders when a change of titling takes place (company name, names, direction of e-mail€¦). As much the previous holder as the new holder will have to approve the change.

    LessPass, administrator of passwords of new generation

    To administer all the passwords of Internet is not a easy task. Surely you use a password manager to store them. LessPass offers a gratuitous alternative to us to the management of passwords to which we are customary without needing storing them nor synchronizing enters them devices.

    WordPress 4,4 Clifford already available

    Version 4.4 of WordPress, call €œClifford€ in honor to the trumpet player of Jazz Clifford Brown, is available for unloading or update in your panel of administration of WordPress. The new characteristics of WordPress 4,4 will do your site more connected and responsive. Clifford also incorporates a new gratuitous subject called Twenty Sixteen.

    Pon a shark in your life and your company

    To the Japaneses always they have liked the fresh fish, but in the last decades the waters near Japan have not been very rich in fish. So to feed the Japanese population fishing boats greater made than they could go more far, out to sea. But those boats needed time to return and the fish lost its freshness. You know how solved the problem?

    To release to a domain .es of its recording agent

    Certain circumstances exist in which it can be necessary to release to a domain .es of his recording agent, for example, to recover their administration through (the organization responsible for the management of the registry of names of domain name under the code of country €œ.es€). We indicated to you how to do it.

    10 gratuitous groups Web of a single page

    The saturation of contents has taken to the designers Web to explore new forms to distribute contents. In this sense, the websites of a single page (or one page websites) are being adopted by brands the important ones to provide to the users fast, simple, effective and at the same time attractive a experience. This is a compilation of gratuitous groups of a single page with which you can create really attractive and functional contents without having advanced knowledge.

    Where the women live

    Where they live the women are a cinematographic, educative and shared in common project on the rights of the women, developing equality of sort and sort. One is 5 histories of women who formally mix the fiction and the reality to create a social speech and cultural that recognizes the great contribution of the woman the well-being of the family and the development of the society and that contributes to the construction of a better world for all, women and men.

    Destiny to the desert

    Destiny to the desert is a humanitarian association created by a friendly group that in their trips of routes 4X4 by territories of the Maghreb was with the deficiencies and needs from the Moroccan rural town, mainly the nomadic towns of the deserts and the Atlas. Since then, they return every year with a humanitarian help shipment.