Registry of domains

All great idea begins with a great domain

  • Panel of management

    He independently administers the characteristics of your domain, data of property, redirection and dns.

  • Redirection of mail

    It creates mail redirections and it receives the messages sent to your domain in another direction that already you have.

  • Edition of DNS

    It modifies dns of your domain or uses ours dns and it creates advanced registries type To, MX, CNAME, TXT€¦

  • Redirection Web

    You can make use of the service of gratuitous redirection to redirigir your domain towards another direction.

  • Blockade of security

    It blocks and it unblocks your domain of preventive way to prevent that it is transferred.

  • Help and advising

    We provided technical assistance and advising to you in the management and configuration of your domain.