Offering lodging solutions Web and registry of domains from year 2001

Our supply of services is directed to professional companies and that wish a service of lodging of webpages of quality, easy to manage, surely and with a customized treatment. We love the technology, but first of all we are human, for that reason we looked for the empathy with the clients and their projects.

Completing the supply on watch of registry of domains and lodging Web we offer services of storage in the cloud, administration of dedicated servers, development of applications Web, infrastructure solutions TIC and software of security.

Without forgetting that we worked for you

67% of the consultations atentidas and are solved in the first 4 hours, of which 21% are resolute in the first hour and 46% before 4 hours. Only a 29% require between 4 and 8 hours and rest 4% of the consultations, more than 8 hours to be solved.

Forecast of growth and objectives

That so to enjoy our work? It is not between our aspirations dominating to the world market, and that allows to see us our clients as people and not as a statistical calculation.

By all means that we want to grow, but only maintaining the balance between the growth and the satisfaction of our clients (without forgetting the fundamental principle: to enjoy our work).


Our infrastructure is distributed in different datacenters of Europe through technological partners leaders in the sector: Madrid (Spain), London (the United Kingdom.), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Frankfurt (Germany).



Our gratefulness to all the people and organizations who spent their time to develop the technology that has inspired and allowed to us to fulfill a dream:

To Tim Berners-Lee, father of the World Wide Web. Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux. To both Steve: Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs because we loved Mac. To Bill gates, because also we used Windows (sssss).

Also to the Consortium World Wide Web mainly by the care and development of standards HTML and CSS, to John Resig by jQuery, the eight developers of servant HTTP Apache who created the Apache Software Foundation. To and by all means to which they contribute in the free encyclopedia Wikipedia and to many others€¦

Created with love by Emilio C.S with the help of Bootstrap, the Stackoverflow community and much coffee. Statistics created with Chart.js.

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We love the technology and <strong>to help to our clients </strong>. We were excited with the computers and it enchants to us to program. We live to solve problems, to program software and to cause that they pass interesting things. And, it enchants to us to share our creations with the others.


Simplicity and transparency

Far from the rhetoric and of showy supplies that give rise to confusion. The supply of services, their effective prices and promotions is those that you see, are no additional surprises nor positions.

Return to the past

We invited to you to know the hand of Wayback Machine (of Internet Archive) as ©ramos from our homes to today through some captures.

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€œIn construction€ is published front page.


The first design is published in 2002 including a finder of domains.


Small aesthetic changes. The supply of services of lodging is extended Web.


Continuity in the format and update of the logo.


Renovation of the image, the most important logo and, movable device adaptation (responsive).

Social work

Although we cannot endorse all the initiatives that we would like, we have collaborated offering free of charge the service of lodging Web to shared in common projects that work by the change and social justice, trying to break the North-South differences and of sort:

[2012] Destino to the desert. A humanitarian association created by a friendly group that in their trips of routes 4X4 by territories of the Maghreb was with the deficiencies and needs from the Moroccan rural town and returned with a humanitarian help shipment.

[2012] Where the women live. A cinematographic, educative and shared in common project on the rights of the women, developing equality of sort and sort.

Identifying data

®Aemilius is a technological division of | Systems and Technologies.
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Head office: Power station 10, 7 plants, Edicio Goshawk
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