Web Hosting

General characteristics

Registry and renovation of domain free

Contract a plan of Professional lodging or superior by a year and you do not pay anything by your domain while you lodge it with us.

The registry or the transfer of the domain, as well as the future renovations of the same will be completely gratuitous while you lodge your domain in Carat-Hosting with a plan of Professional or Corporative lodging contracted per periods of a year. The saving imagines that will suppose in the long term. Valid supply for the domains .com, .net, .org, .es, .info, .biz, .name, .eu, .com .es, .nom.es and .org .es.

Certificate SSL free

It accepts credit cards in your website safely and allows of which your clients feel like insurances. All the plans of lodging include a Certificate gratuitous SSL (cPanel DV SSL Certifies to you) issued by €œcPanel, Inc. Certification Authority€ through €œCOMODO RSA Certification Authority€ that he is autorenovado every 3 months. To have a Certificate SSL in your plan of lodging increases the positioning of your site.

You are client of Carat-Hosting? Congratulations! your plan of Basic lodging or superior has gratuitous Certificate SSL

Disc space

It is the disc space assigned to your account and where you will be able to store to all the information and the content that your domain needs in terms of documents, images, e-mail, data bases and any other file stored in your space Web.

Traffic of data per month

It is the amount of traffic (transferred documents, graphs, e-mail, archives files by FTP, etc.) that your domain is going to generate from and towards our servers.

Control Panel cPanel

Control Panel Cpanel

All the plans of lodging Web incorporate the Control Panel cPanel, that are distinguished by its ease of use, clean interface and functionalities outposts. cPanel offers a great level of control to the individual user, while it maintains the security You wish to know more on cPanel.

Hosting multidomain

This characteristic allows to lodge multiple domains in an only plan of lodging without additional costs. The new domains share the resources of the main lodging and are managed from the same Control Panel. Facing the user or visitor the domain is completely independent. Each domain lodged within the main domain has its own statistics, email and access FTP.

The characteristic multidomain does not include the registry of the domain name.

Access FTP

Access FTP (File transfer protocol) allows you to accede to the space Web of your plan of lodging to publish the archives of a webpage.


A subdomain is an extension of its virtual domain and has the subdominio.dominio.com form. Any subdomain created in your plan of lodging will have a directory associated to the same with an independent access FTP, and you will be able to accede to him by means of the direction http://subdominio.dominio.com or http://www.subdominio.dominio.com.

The subdomains are used frequently to offer new associate directions a main domain with directions easy to remember. For example clientes.tuempresa.com or administracion.tunombrededominio.com.

30 days of guarantee

Not it likes us to have clients displeasures, if you are not satisfied with the service that we offer to you, you can ask for its cancellation. All the plans of lodging Web include a guarantee of 30 days during which you can ask for the Integra return of the amount of the plan of contracted lodging.

The registry of the domain does not have return to consider itself of your property during the registered period.