Web Hosting

Management of archives and backup copies

Backup copy

It allows you to unload a complete backup copy of your website including all the archives (e-mail, data bases, filter and redirection of mail) and configurations necessary to have a local backup copy. This backup copy can be used to move your account from a servant to another one.

We recommend to unload a complete backup copy regularity (at least once a month) as preventive measure before possible incidents that can happen.

Backup copy assistant

The backup copy assistant allows you to unload and to recover a backup copy of home directory, the data bases, filters and the redirections of mail, and to recover them later.

File manager

He allows you to manage all the archives of your website from a simple graphical interface.

File manager

The file manager allows:

  • To create, to move, to copy and to eliminate archives.
  • To create, to move, to copy and to eliminate directories.
  • To raise archives.
  • To unload archives.
  • To change the directory and file name.
  • To publish archives:
    • By means of a simple text editor.
    • By means of a graphical publisher of codes codified by colors.
    • By means of a graphical publisher of HTML WYSIWYG.
    • To change to permissions of archives and directories.
    • To see, to extract and to compress archives.

Disc of network

Disc of network (Web disk) is an implementation of cPanel of the WebDAV protocol and allows to administer archives stored in your website as if they were part of your personal computer.

Use of space in disc

The utility of use disc space provides a general vision of the space that consumes the archives of your website in the directory princpales incluenyo mail, temporary files and data bases.

Control of FTP sessions

List the FTP connections that remain active in your website. The utility allows to identify the user, the origin of the connection, its state and to finish the outside necessary connection if.