10 gratuitous groups Web of a single page

The saturation of contents has taken to the designers Web to explore new forms to distribute contents. In this sense, the websites of a single page (or one page websites) are being adopted by brands the important ones to provide to the users fast, simple, effective and at the same time attractive a experience. This is a compilation of gratuitous groups of a single page with which you can create really attractive and functional contents without having advanced knowledge.

Author: Emilio C.S.
Published the (updated )


Launch is an adaptable group very simple and functional to the style €œComing Soon€ (next) ideal to present information on a future webpage or service with accesses to cosiales networks. It includes a progress bar to indicate the percentage of porgreso and a field for subscription by email preparation for MailChimp.

Capture of Launch

Author: Jason Schuller Demo: jason.sc/launch Unloading: html5up.net/strata/€¦


Magnificent group adaptable HTML5 created by HTML5 UP. Ideal for a personal website or portfolio.

Capture of Strata

Author: HTML5 UP Demo: html5up.net/strata Unloading: html5up.net/strata/€¦


Aerial is simple and spectacular adaptable group to the style €œAbout€ created to Me by HTML5 UP that includes an animation inferior. It is ideal as shuttle of connections to social networks and other services.

Capture of Aerial

Author: HTML5 UP Demo: html5up.net/aerial Unloading: html5up.net/aerial/€¦

Big Picture

An adaptable group created by HTML5 UP based on Skel. He is ideal for personal and portfolios websites. As its own name indicates is characterized to use a great basic image that it changes according to the section that is visualizing.

Capture of Big Picture

Author: HTML5 UP Demo: html5up.net/uploads€¦ Unloading: html5up.net/big-pic€¦


Freelancer is an adaptable group HTML5 based on Bootstrap. He is ideal for personal and portfolios websites. A version for WP exists.

Capture of Freelancer

Author: Iron Summit Average Strategies Demo: ironsummitmedia.git€¦ Unloading: /github.com/IronSum€¦


Parallelism is one platilla portofilio adaptable created by HTML5 UP with a spectacular result.

Capture of Parallelism

Author: HTML5 UP Demo: html5up.net/paralle€¦ Unloading: html5up.net/paralle€¦


Alpha is an adaptable group HTML5 based on quite complete Bootstrap. It includes sections for services, portfolio, work party and a form of contact that would be to process.

Capture of Alpha

Author: TemplateGarden Demo: they www.templategarden€¦. Unloading: they www.templategarden€¦.


Gumba is an adaptable group HTML5 very easy to personalize that it could be perfect for any small business.

Capture of Gumba

Author: Rick Waalders Demo: demo.pixelsbyrick.c€¦ Unloading: pixelsbyrick.com/do€¦

Read Only

Read Only is a wonderful group adaptable HTML5 created by HTML5 UP. Although she is very complete does not lose simplicity. It includes several sections of example, small portfolio and form of contact.

Capture of Read Only

Author: HTML5 UP Demo: html5up.net/uploads€¦ Unloading: html5up.net/read-on€¦


Zoon is a very simple adaptable group to the style €œComing Soon€ (next). It includes a regressive accountant, it connects to social networks, an informative section and a map of location of Google.

Capture of Zoon

Author: Styleshout Demo: www.styleshout.com/€¦ Unloading: www.styleshout.com/€¦

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